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End 2019 : DJ Nederfolk : DEATH IN JUNE hour 12-2019 ... "The Corn Years"

10 Years Nederfolk DJ .. it all started with the Death In June CD "The "Corn Years" (as my Neofolk life started so in 1993) .. so it would a perfect theme for the last program of this 2019. Heilige :) Playlist : the whooooooooooole CD "The "Corn Years" / Death In June. 1 Heilige! 2 Torture By Roses 3 Love Murder 4 Zimmerit 5 We Are The Lust 6 To Drown A Rose 7 Break The Black Ice 8 Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape) 9 Punishment Initiation 10 Rocking Horse Night 11 Break The Black Ice (Instrumental) 12 Runes And Men 13 Rule Again 14 Hail! The White Grain 15 Blood Of Winter 16 The Fog Of The World 17 Europa: The Gates Of Heaven 18 Come Before Christ And Murder Love Co-Op * DJ N

Radio & Podcast : DJ Nederfolk : Neofolk "Shadow & Darkness" mix December 2019

60 minutes mix : Neofolk, Martial, EBM, Militarypop, Neo-classical .... and a lot of Shadow & Darkness Playlist : * Of the Wand and the Moon - Can I erase the demon * Allerseelen - From here to eternity * L Orchestre Noir - Odins day * NON - Ye Who Fall * Strydwolf - Night comet on * Naevus - The steep face * Maska Genetik - Quarantine * Death in June - The fog of the world * Der Blutharsch - Time is the Enemy * Current 93 and HOH - Anyway people die * Luftwaffe and Boyd Rice - The scent of the vanquished * Grave of Love - Goodbye Little Traitor * Sol Invictus - Angels Fal * Boyd Rice - Id Rather be your enemy * Golgotha - Hymn for the Fallen One * Ghosts Of Breslau - The Girl Under The Lant


The Genre : Neofolk


The Neofolk genre focus on archaic, cultural and literary references. Local traditions and indigenous beliefs tend to be portrayed heavily as well as esoteric and historical topics.

The term "Neofolk" originates from esoteric music circles who started using the term in the late 20th century to describe music influenced by musicians such as Death In June, Sol Invictus, Current 93, ...

The DJ : Nederfolk

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